Fusion Jazz Drumkit #1

These are the specs for Fusion Jazz Kit that I use with my Indonesian Fusion Ethnic project,
GARIS, all in quite smaller than average size to fit in with the other Indonesian Traditional Instruments 
sound character.  

All Drums: Yamaha System Drums with Yamaha DTXtreme Module System
Yamaha Hip Gig, Rick Marotta Signature (Birch & Mahogany) 

A-5x14 Snare Drum
B-8x5.5 Mounted Tom
C-10x6 Mounted Tom
D-13x7 Mounted Tom Low
E-16x20 Bass Drum 
1-16' Sabian Evolution Crash Cymbal
2-6'   Splash (on top of 1)
3-14' Sabian Evolution Hi Hat 
4-8'   Splash
5-10' X-hat
6-20' Sabian Evolution Ride Cymbal
7-15' Fast Crash Cymbal 
aa-Yamaha Single or Double Pedals (optional)
bb-Tambourine or Indonesian 'Kecrek' on LP Gajate Bracket triggered with Yamaha Trigger bug
      with Yamaha Single Bass Drum Pedal.
cc-Indonesian 'Kempul Gong' on mounted Rims System with extension Bass Drum Pedal.

Sticks-Vic Firth 'David Garibaldi Jam Master' Model

Brushes-Vic Firth 'Steve Gadd' Model 

All Hardware Yamaha 

Remo Clear Ambassador On Toms
Remo Clear Diplomat
Remo Coated Ambassador
Bass Drum: 
Remo Weather King Traditional
Remo Coated Emperor Front

Fusion Jazz Drumkit #2
These are the specs for more conventional Fusion Jazz Kit gig & pretty much other.
Yamaha Super Recording Custom (Birch) 
A-5x14 Snare Drum
B-8x8 Mounted Tom
C-10x9 Mounted Tom
D-12x10 Mounted Tom Low
E-14x12 (optional)
F- 20x18 Bass Drum
1-14' Sabian Evolution Hi Hat
2-16' Sabian Evolution Crash
3-6'   Splash 
4-8'   Splash
5-20' Sabian Evolution Ride/Paiste Traditional
6-10' X-hat
7-15' Fast Crash Cymbal 
8-16' China Trash 
 Acoustic Jazz Drumkit
Traditional Jazz Kit gig
Yamaha Noveau (Maple) or Yamaha HipGig (Birch/Mahogany
A-5x14 Snare Drum
B-12x9 Mounted Tom
C-14x16 Floor Tom
D- 18x16 Bass Drum
1-14' Paiste 505 Hi Hat
2-20' Zildjian Crash Of Doom w/ Rivets
3-20' Paiste Traditional Dark Ride
4-20' Dream Bliss Vintage

Another gear set up info & photos coming soon...!!!